Hello! Thank you for your interest in Inspire Christian Co-op! Whether you are new to us, a previous member, or have been with us since the beginning, we are honored to share ICC with you!

Rebecca and Gina 2021

Gina and Rebecca met in the spring of 2015 at a small in-home co-op. While the setting offered a place for moms to share some teaching and build camaraderie with fellow homeschooling parents, the small size of the group became very limiting. With only a few moms involved and the setting confined to the tight quarters of a home, Gina and Rebecca knew that it was impossible to offer the social and educational experience they wanted for all of their children (0-8 years old at that time).  They saw a need to create a place in the greater Waxhaw area for homeschool families to come together and build community through intentional and engaging activities.

ICC was formed in the summer of 2016. We began with 22 families in the fall of 2016 and have experienced continual growth each year.

Our heart in building this community is Jesus Christ as our anchor and at the center of all we do. We have prayerfully made changes each year to accommodate the rapid and continual growth we have experienced. While desiring to be as inclusive as possible, we have learned that in order to maintain a level of intimacy that provides for authentic relationships, we must be very intentional when building our rosters. Having crowded classes or too many moms in the mix makes it difficult to build the type of community we strive to have at ICC. With the majority of our families returning each year, we typically have limited openings on our roster. We encourage you to learn about our program, pray about your family’s participation, and trust that God will make a way to bring you into the Inspire family if that’s where He wants you to be!