Our ICC High School Program* is a mom-operated extension of our Primary Program. It is centered around providing opportunities for your student to expand what they are learning at home, in a group setting, while earning credits.**

Our schedule overlaps that of our Primary Program, meeting on the same Mondays from 9:30 am – 1:30 pm at Siler Presbyterian Church, (6301 Weddington Rd., Wesley Chapel, NC). While the Primary Program meets on 24 Mondays throughout the year, High School will meet 27 Mondays in person and 4 Mondays in virtual format for a total of 31 weeks.

What does “mom-operated” mean? It takes a lot of moving parts (and people) to pull off a high quality day for all of our students! Each mom attends and helps on a weekly basis. Moms are active in the classrooms and have roles to help manage the work of a weekly co-op.

Our community also offers opportunities for field trips, service projects, and Mom’s Night Out!

ICC High School offers a selection of the following academic classes on a bi-yearly rotation.

Social Studies Courses:

    • World History
    • American History
    • Economics and Personal Finance
    • Government and Civics

Science Courses:

    • Biology
    • Environmental Science
    • Chemistry

High Quality electives will be offered yearly, but not necessarily in a set rotation. Past electives include:

    • Logic
    • College and Career Readiness
    • Worldviews
    • Mock Trial
    • Public Speaking
    • Creative Writing
    • Debate

*The ICC High School Program assumes that you are ultimately the teacher of your student(s). The leaders of ICC High School courses are facilitators and moderators, and do not determine final grades. ICC is not an accredited high school program. We do strive to provide courses that meet the graduation requirements for NC and SC. To earn credit for the courses, students will need to complete work at home. All ICC High School students are required to follow the pacing guides and come to class prepared to participate. We provide syllabi and course information, but it is up to the parent to monitor student work. Typically, 60 total hours is required to earn .5 credit and 120 total hours is equal to 1 credit.

**All science courses will be a lab only, you will need to provide the course instruction. NC/SC both require two science labs for graduation.

So what does all this fun cost?  Tuition is $200 per family and covers facility rent, insurance and other administrative needs. We also require a $13 fee every other year to perform a Mom background check.

Additional High School Fees:

  • Enrollment Fee: $100 per class (includes syllabus for course direction and quarterly feedback from instructors regarding in class discussion and participation)
  • Supply Fee: Varies by class (based on consumer pricing and not to exceed $75)
  • Grading Fee (OPTIONAL): Varies by Class (includes instructor grading of all required assignments and projects through an online portal)

If this sounds like a good fit for your family, we HIGHLY encourage you to contact us at info@inspirechristiancoop.com immediately! Applications will be accepted for the 24-25 school year from April 12-14. Please email us for more information & directions on how to apply.